Health Behaviour Change

How do you encourage people to take the steps that will change their health for the better? A combination of technology and human insights can make a big difference.

From the research we deliver to understand the fundamental needs and motivations of the people you want to reach, we design user experiences that take them on a journey towards better health outcomes. All this using the right blend of technology to provide the support they need along the way.

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We deliver —

We help you understand what really makes your audiences tick. Our research will help you understand how to engage the people you want to reach, the challenges they face and motivators that will trigger them to move forward.

Extensive experience with a wide range of technology platforms, content creation and digital marketing means we can create holistic programmes that reach your audiences at the right time with the right message. We weave this together with an approach to design and user experience that means your messages will be delivered with the consistency your audiences need to make a change.

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Service Health Behaviour Change

Case Study — RB — Nurofen FeverSmart

Reckitt — Nurofen FeverSmart

We partnered with Nurofen to build FeverSmart – a connected thermometer for children, powered by a smartphone app that tracks their symptoms.

For many parents, taking care of a sick child can be distressing. FeverSmart makes it easier to administer the right medicine at the right time, giving parents control and peace of mind.

Case Study — Public Health England / Change 4 Life

Public Health Campaigns

We worked with PHE to reimagine their Food Scanner app, a tool that was stuck in the early days of app design and wasting its potential to help Britain’s families make healthy choices.

We started from the ground up, reworking every user journey and design element for a fun, modern look. Our behavioural science specialists worked with our designers and developers to incorporate nudges and rewards, with the well-known Change 4 Life characters making barcode scanning fun and engaging for kids and adults alike.

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