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Having a deep understanding of your audience and how you want them to interact with your website or app sits at the core of user experience.

Through research, mobile-first thinking, wireframing, and prototyping, we take user experience from high-level persona development to final design with the ideal customer journey front of mind throughout.

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From persona development, customer journey mapping, and wireframes, user experience design (UX) puts the needs of the user first to ensure a customer-centric online experience. Our team of experts craft UX designs that lead to best in class websites and apps.

We develop experiences and interactions that anticipate the wants and needs of your target audiences – providing them with the quickest, most elegant route to their goal and thus delivering powerful paths to conversion for your business.

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Service User Experience & Digital Design

Case Study — Sanofi Type 2 Inflammation Connection

Sanofi Type 2 Inflammation Connection

Sanofi Genzyme & Regeneron translated their Type 2 Inflammation Connection in-person event series into a virtual format to educate advocates and the media on the connection between type 2 inflammatory diseases.

The digital gallery is a visually engaging interactive user journey through patient stories, that creatively illustrates the hidden personal and medical connections that have been unearthed by the new science behind type 2 inflammation. High-level information on type 2 inflammation as well as the diseases it connects are featured.

Case study – Nurofen / Feversmart

Case study – Nurofen / Feversmart

After the success of Feversmart, our app for use with Nurofen’s smart thermometer, we knew that a voice interaction element could elevate the usefulness of the device and help give parents peace of mind.

We created an Alexa skill to use with Feversmart, so parents could ask Alexa their child’s temperature at any time of the day or night and receive an immediate, accurate response. No need to wake the child or use the app – which is especially useful if you’re trying to avoid blue light before bed.

Case Study — Public Health England / Change 4 Life

Public Health Campaigns

We worked with PHE to reimagine their Food Scanner app, a tool that was stuck in the early days of app design and wasting its potential to help Britain’s families make healthy choices.

We started from the ground up, reworking every user journey and design element for a fun, modern look. Our behavioural science specialists worked with our designers and developers to incorporate nudges and rewards, with the well-known Change 4 Life characters making barcode scanning fun and engaging for kids and adults alike.

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